Parking at De La Sol Yoga - both locations:

Parking at Waterdown is unlimited! We are in the Sobey's plaza with hundreds of spots available.

At our Hamilton location, we do have our own lot but space is more limited - 16 spots in total are ours. See below for Hamilton parking suggestions:


-Give yourself extra time to get to the studio and find parking, without feeling rushed, especially during our busy months of January and February. If you are more then 2 minutes late for class, you will not be admitted.

-Carpool, walk or ride your bike! If you choose one of these methods, fill out a ballot at our front desk to be entered into a draw for a free month!
-Restaurant spots can be used BEFORE 11am on weekdays.

-Banyan spots can be used FRIDAYS AFTER 5PM and WEEKENDS. 

-Midas can be used when they are CLOSED WITH LIGHTS OFF. If you see someone at the desk at Midas and you wish to park there, please ask their permission. We greatly value the use of their lot and need to show them respect and gratitude!
Please start your practice of mindfulness, compassion, patience and respect before you get on your mat. Come early, plan well and be respectful of others. This will help to make everyone's experience at De La Sol stress-free and enjoyable!