Thai Yoga MassageThai Yoga Massage


Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient form of Therapeutic Healing body work and is a great compliment or alternative to regular massage. Following an Eastern philosophy, it is a combination of Yoga Stretching, Reflexology and Shiatsu, all rolled into one. Antoniette starts at the feet and ends with an amazing cranial sacral head massage.


There is pressure point work combined with joint mobilization and passive stretching. Thai massage is well suited as a gentle massage letting the body release blocked energy and be assisted through yoga stretches.As a deeper from of body work it is very beneficial for  athletes. Antoniette has helped  train many elite marathon runners, triathletes and rowers with great results!


Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a therapeutic mat on the floor. The client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing to allow ease of movement, and no oils or creams are used throughout the treatment.


Antoniette Finelli was certified in Chaing Mia Thailand at the Old Medicine Hospital. Years after practicing she continues to observe trans formative shifts through this Therapeutic body  work. Antoniette compliments her treatment with Reflexology and Reiki, as suitable for clients.



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