How is De La Sol different from other hot yoga studios?


De La Sol is a non-intimidating, inclusive studio and you will feel this as soon as you walk through our doors! Whether you know anything about yoga or not is irrelevant, we are just happy you are here and that you are open to trying out this life-changing practice! You will never feel out of place or self conscious at De La Sol. Let those shoulders drop, your breath deepen and settle into our relaxed, light hearted vibe and enjoy our top-notch instructors and customer service!

We use a revolutionary type of heat in our hot Room. Rather than using a forced air system like most hot yoga studios, we use Infrared Heat Technology. This type of heat is a 'solar' or 'sauna' type of heat. It heats solid objects rather then the air in the room. Infrared heat has been embraced by the medical and athletic communities to help speed the healing of injuries, decrease inflammation in the body and reduce pain relating to arthritis, fibromyalgia or any auto immune disease. Try a hot yoga class in one of our hot rooms and feel the difference!

At De La Sol we teach a variety of styles of yoga in our hot room. We have classes for absolute beginners as well as for folks with limited mobility, as well as advanced, challenging flow classes. This means that each teacher is given the freedom to bring their unique personality and approach into every class – no two classes are the same!


Need to leave class? No problem. We allow you to leave the hot room at any time and encourage you to rest and take breaks!


Balance, balance, balance! We encourage moderate use of the hot room, combined with practice in the regular temperature room.


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I am new to yoga...what class should I take?


If you haven’t practiced yoga before, but have a generally good level of fitness and do not have limited mobility or injuries, we recommend that you begin with a HOT FLOW INTRO class or REG TEMP INTRO. 

If you are in rehab for an injury or have limited mobility but are looking to still build strength and increase flexibility, we recommend a class GENTLE HATHA, or SWEAT, RELAX, RESTORE,  in either the hot or regular temperature room.

For a gentle, relaxing, slow moving class for students of all levels we recommend YIN and HOT YIN; SWEAT, RELAX, RESTORE and SLOW DEEP FLOW. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions about where to start your yoga journey.

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Do I have to book in advance?


There is no need to register in advance although we do offer online reservations if you like to book your classes in advance! To reserve your spot, you need to have a current pass (a paid membership) with us and you need to reserve your spot a maximum of 1 month before class and a minimum of 1 hour before class begins. Our online registration closes 1 hour before class. We allow for 15 online reservations per class and keep 15 spots open for drop-in students. If you have reserved you spot, we will hold your spot until 5 minutes before class begins before giving it to someone waiting in line. If you do not show up, you do not lose a class although 3 no-shows will have you lose your online sign in privileges. 

 To save time on your first visit, register yourself online through our partner website, MINDBODY Online. After you have completed your profile online you will be in our system and will not need to fill out a paper waiver before your first class. To save even more time on your first visit, purchase your Introductory Special right from our online store and then simply give your name at the front desk before your first class!


Create your profile now!

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How do I pre-register/sign in online for classes?


To pre-register / sign in online for classes you must be a have an online account with us and current membership which can be purchased online or at the studio.


If you have already created an online account, click here to get to your client login page in Mindbody. We suggest you bookmark this link for quicker access next time.


You can also click the button right from our Class Schedule page!


Online class reservation policy for all students are as follows:

  • Online reservations close 60 minutes prior to class start time
  • Online reservations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Online reservations can be cancelled without penalty prior to 60 minutes to class time
  • Online reservations are valid up to 5 minutes before class start time. If you haven’t presented yourself to the front desk your reservation will be given to anyone waiting in studio
  • Failure to cancel reservations online and / or failure to show up for your reservation will result in a No Show
  • Members with 3 no shows will lose their online reservation privileges for 30 days

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What do I bring/wear?

Don't worry too much about having the 'right' yoga outfit! Wear what is comfortable and won't restrict your breathing or ability to stretch. Leggings or shorts, a T-shirt or exercise bra or top are ideal. If you are trying a hot class, prepare to sweat - a lot! Bring a change of clothes so that you are comfortable going home. We have yoga mats and towels to rent for $2 each. We have cups and unlimited filtered water as well as healthy treats and coconut water for sale. Yoga is practiced in bare feet and shoes are left outside of the practice rooms ↑ Back To Top



What if I'm late for class?


There is nothing worse then looking forward to relieving stress and doing something good for yourself and being derailed by traffic or other life circumstances! We will let in students that are up to 5 minutes late. We are glad you made it to class. Enjoy! 

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When should I avoid doing hot yoga?


If your health care professional has advised you to avoid cardiovascular activity it is best to avoid practicing hot yoga. It is also advised that if you have high blood pressure that you consult with your healthcare professional before attending your first class.

It is not recommended that pregnant women practice in the Infrared hot room. If you are pregnant and wanting to continue your hot yoga, please bring us a doctor's note.

A hot yoga practice is best suited for adolescents who have already developed their sweat glands (normally around a girls first menstruation and a boy’s growth spurt). If you have questions or concerns, it is always best to consult with your health care professional before visiting our hot room.


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How do I put my Auto-Pay Membership on hold?


Email us with your requested suspension start date and the date you want your membership to resume, or visit us in studio to complete the form. Please note that the maximum hold is 30 days with longer holds granted over the summer months.


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How do I cancel my Auto-Pay Membership?


We are sorry to lose you as a member! Talk to us about finding a class pass option that better suits your needs. If you would like to cancel your membership effectively immediately, Email us with your requested cancellation date (must be 20 days before your next billing date), or visit us in studio to fill out a Cancellation Request form.


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