Kelly Bortolin

Kelly began her love affair with yoga over 20 years ago. Being an athlete, her first draw to yoga was to attain mental and emotional strength and peace in the same way she had physically.

Yoga put Kelly on a path of self discovery and awakened awareness and inspired her passion for facilitating healing and growth in others. Kelly is also a Holistic Healer and Life Coach. Her intention is to combine all of her gifts and modalities to facilitate healing on all levels for her students.

Kelly has completed 200 hour YTTs in both Integrative yoga therapy and Vinyasa Flow. She has also completed Pre/Post Natal TT, YogaRocks Kids and Teens TT, and Yin/Yang TT.

Kelly’s favourite postures are Astavakrasana (eight-angle pose) as it demands strength, flexibility, concentration, balance and a connection with curiousity and playfulness and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand) as Kelly loves to be upside down while connecting with a sense of commitment, strength, grace and fun!

Kelly Bortolin instructs the following:
  • Half Primary Series | Intro to Ashtanga Yoga
  • This class will cover the postures in the first half of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. Each class will include sun salutations, standing postures, several challenging seated postures, an introduction to back bending, and the full closing sequence.

  • Hot Flow 1 | I
  • Using the principles learned in an Intro, this class moves you through sequences at a faster pace and explores more challenging asanas such as backbends and arm balances. Flow classes contain elements found in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara and Iyengar practices.

  • Bikram Inspired | B
  • Inspired by the Bikram series, this class will take you through a practice geared to feeling each posture and its alignment as they are held. Starts with standing postures and then explores seated postures before finding savasana. There is no vinyasa so there is little up and down making this class perfect for those looking for a slower pace or a class easier on the wrists and shoulders. You will build strength and confidence as you move through this set series. Great for students of all levels.

  • Open Flow | Hot | I
  • Open Flow is a class designed to cater to students of all levels who have a generally good level of fitness and ideally, some yoga experience. Different modifications will be offered to suit intro level students up to intermediate and advanced.

  • Led Primary Series | YOGA 8
  • The traditional Primary Series as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. This sequence never changes week to week, as the practitioner commits it to memory, it takes on a meditative flow. Please allow 90min.

  • Hot Yin Yang | I
  • A popular style of practice where the first half of the class is vigorous (a level 1-2 flow) and the second half is passive and restorative.

  • Yin | Reduced Heat | G
  • Suitable for most yoga students, yin yoga is the perfect complement to the hectic, fast-paced, yang lifestyles we usually lead. A quiet practice, yin yoga invites stillness of mind and body by soothing and quieting the central nervous system. Postures are gently held for 3-5 minutes, giving the body opportunity to open and release tension from deeper connective tissues in the spine, hip and legs. A regular yin yoga practice is a great addition students with more dynamic daily physical activities and is also beneficial for those interested in meditation as well as students wishing to increase their range of motion or increase the flow of energy within their bodies. See you on the Yin side!