Shanel Scott

Shanel discovered yoga through her first love, dance. While completing her BFA in dance at York University she took to her yoga mat to stretch, strengthen and release stress. Over the years of practice, Shanel found yoga did more than fulfill her love for movement, it also became a spiritual journey showing her a deeper connection to the body and soul.


Shanel enjoys teaching flow classes allowing the inspiration of dance and her love of movement guide her. As well, Shanel is a Reiki Master Teacher who loves to bring her passion for the healing arts together with asana in a Reiki Flow.


Her favourite posture right now is savasana. Here the rest of the world melts away as the mind and body surrender to the yoga mat. Taking those last few moments of class to go within, give thanks for the practice and find a deep sense of peace.

Shanel Scott instructs the following:
  • Candlelit Reiki Flow | Hot
  • Join Reiki Master, Shanel for a 75 minute ALL LEVELS FLOW class while indulging in the healing energy of Reiki. A real exploration of energy of asana!

  • Sweat Relax Restore - Reduced Heat | G Yoga 8
  • Enjoy this candle-lit class created to relieve stress and tension. The heat stimulates deep muscle release and detoxification of the body and the relaxed atmosphere helps to quiet the mind. This class is open to all levels, including absolute beginners. Done in the regular room with REDUCED HEAT.

  • Reiki First Degree
  • Saturday November 25, 1:00-8:00pm
    This ancient hands on practice promotes healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Its gentle and loving energy works to find the root cause of issues and to alleviate pain or discomfort from the source. For only once we discover where our pain lives can we truly heal.

    Because Reiki is positive and gentle, anyone can receive a treatment - from newborn infant to someone ready to transition to the other side. Reiki has absolutely no contraindications, therefore it will not interfere with any medications or electronic devices, such as a pacemaker.

    Always working for the highest good, Reiki can do no harm. In fact, the benefits of Reiki are endless.

    Anyone can do Reiki - even children. This is a simple, yet powerful, practice that can take your spiritual journey to the next level, enable you to sleep better, or allow you to share its divine energy with loved ones.

    First Degreeis all about YOU! During this 1 day course, you will learn the basic hand positions for giving a treatment to yourself or others, benefits of Reiki, about energy and intuition, while receiving hands-on instruction. All students receive an attunement, comprehensive manual, laminated hand position chart and chakra chart, and certificate of completion. Give yourself the gift of healing!

    Pre-Registration is required as there are only 10 spots available.

    Cost: $195

  • Hot Slow Deep Flow | B
  • An all levels flow class with an emphasis on deep stretches and longer held poses.

  • Candlelit Reiki Flow | Hot | B
  • Join Reiki Master, Shanel for an ALL LEVELS FLOW class while indulging in the healing energy of Reiki. A real exploration of energy of asana!

  • Bookkeeping for Yoga Teacher - Part 2
  • Saturday December 2
    Part 1 - Personal Finances and Your Health with Liz - 1:00pm
    Part 2 - Bookkeeping for Yoga Teachers with Shanel - 2:15pm
    Most yoga teachers are independent contractors. This means you are paid a flat/hourly rate, but no taxes are taken off your pay. It is important to know how to track your income and expenses, in order to your taxes at the end of the year. Don't fear, this is easier then you think. You just need to know what to do. Join Shanel for this 90 minute workshop for the basics of keeping good records.
    This workshop is part two of an afternoon of understanding your finances. Liz will start off with your Personal Finances and Your Health.
    This workshop is included with the yearly Alumni Membership. Non-members $40 or both part 1 & 2 for $60.

  • Yoga Nidra/ Guided Meditation | G
  • Each week you will be lead through either a yoga nidra or guided meditation. Yoga Nidra or 'lucid sleeping' is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. This class will leave you feeling as though you have had a 3 hour nap! Perfect for those with busy lives, new or expecting parents, or simply to help balance the stresses of everyday life.

  • Creating Your Dream 2018
  • Sunday Dec 10th | 12:30-3:30pm | $60
    Prepare for a 2018 filled with abundance and blessings!
    Join Shanel for this 3 hour workshop to get clear and create an amazing year ahead.
    Perhaps over the years you've spent some time trying to create a life that you wanted, but things haven't always gone according to plan. Using Shanel's workbook you will clear your 2017, set intentions and goals and even do a card spread for your year to start the process of manifestation.
    Course includes binder with workbook inside.