Yin Yang - Yoga 8

This class is taught by:

Katie McClelland

Katie McClelland has been teaching yoga full time since 1997. She likes to joke that she was certified to teach yoga while still in the womb, as her mother went through yoga teacher training while pregnant with her! Katie’s roots are in ashtanga yoga and she derives inspiration from many styles of yoga including Vinyasa, Iyengar, Anusara and Kundalini.
Katie is the founder of De La Sol Yoga Studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada which first opened in 2006 and expanded to a second location in Waterdown. She is the host of Yoga With Katie, a 30min instructional yoga show which airs six days a week and is seen by 900,000 viewers. Recently, Katie has been speaking out at high schools and recovery centers about her history of drug addiction and ongoing journey towards wellness and wholeness. She is currently working on her first book, a memoir titled Waking Up.

Erin Aquin

Erin has been passionate about sharing yoga since she was 20 years old. She is a Certified Hatha Vinyasa and Pre-natal Instructor and a Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, who began formally teaching in 2003. In 2006, Erin completed a second 200+ hour Advanced Training in Montreal with two inspirational teachers from two different traditions, Mark Darby and Hart Lazer. It was this experience that inspired her to blend different forms of yoga and make it accessible and enjoyable for as many students as possible.
As a senior teacher at De La Sol, Erin has teaches a specialized brand of Yin Yang Yoga that bridges vigorous flow sequences, long held postures and meditation with concepts of Chinese Medicine and modern spirituality. She is thrilled to be part of the De La Sol community and in her time not teaching at the studio she works with students worldwide through her articles and videos at www.aquinyoga.com.
Among Erin's favourite yoga poses is Bakasana (Crow). It took almost 7 years to earn it and it feels great to fly!

Charlene Rennick

Charlene’s first contact with a yoga mat was in 2004, when she tried yoga as a way to balance out injuries in various stages of healing. What began as a physical therapy practice, soon started to permeate through her mind and spiritual body. “The practice of yoga is like cleaning a deep layer of dust from your soul and not knowing what you might find when the image becomes clear. It takes a big heart, a lot of work, and the willingness to accept what you see.”

Today, Charlene is a Yoga Alliance Registered 500 hour teacher with additional certifications in Restorative Yoga, Ayurveda and Thai Massage. She is a talented Astrologer and a Leader in Women’s Spiritual Earth Wisdom ways. She wishes to thank her teachers, Katie McClelland for starting her on her yoga journey and Saul David Raye for guiding her through her advanced training, showing her the way to her big Bhakti heart and igniting her love of Kirtan.

Charlene runs her own business out of her home, Sunninghill Yoga and Thai Massage, where you can purchase home-made beeswax candles, ayurvedic lotions or book yourself in for a Thai Massage, a Reiki treatment, an Ayurvedic consultation or an in-depth Astrology and natal chart reading.

In Charlene’s class, she will gently guide you through an exploration of yourself using the lens of Tantra (philosophy), asana (poses), pranayam (breathwork), mantra (uncomplicated intentions), and meditation.

Her favourite pose is Ardha Chandrasana (Half-Moon) pose because it feels like a metaphor for life. “Sometimes it is easy to stand on one leg and look up without fear, and other times it is difficult to find balance. It is on these days when I know I need yoga the most to clear my thoughts, breathe, stop struggling and allow myself to wobble a bit.”

Stephanie Miles

Stephanie Miles is a free spirited, energetic and compassionate yoga teacher. After several years of partaking in a consistent practice of her own, she wanted to dig deeper so she enrolled into the 200 hour YTT at De La Sol. After becoming certified in Hatha-Vinyasa and Yin/Yang yoga, Stephanie was very eager to share the benefits of the practice and began teaching within the Hamilton area.
Her background in Kinesiology combined with personal breakthroughs allow her to teach to many aspects of the practice such as moving mindfully, cultivating self-awareness, and exploring the body in a fun and expressive way. Stephanie finds it very rewarding to help others, and seeing as yoga has had such a profound effect on her life, she is passionate to show others how it can be used as a tool to transform their lives as well.
Her favourite pose is sirsasana (headstand) because it is challenging yet exhilarating to be upside down viewing the world from a completely different angle.

Lauren Speziale

Lauren’s passion for yoga centres around the practice of awareness, self-inquiry and interoception. It is through this ongoing practice that the relationship with the self is strengthened. Through Yin Yang yoga, Lauren helps her students to find a balance in their practice that involves work, effort and growth, with being receptive, passive and grounded, bringing more harmony into their lives.
Lauren practiced yoga through both of her pregnancies and experienced many of the benefits yoga has to offer while carrying her babies and preparing for their births. She was so grateful for yoga during these times, that it ignited her excitement to share the gift of yoga with others!

Lauren’s passion for the practice continues to grow with the study of Ayurveda, which is the art of finding harmony in all relationships, first with the self, then with others, and the universe. She encourages her students to continue their practice off the mat - to practice connection to the breath and awareness of the body and mind on our mats, to then be able to step into our roles and relationships more connected and aware, at home, work and in the community.

A popular style of practice where the first half of the class is vigorous (a level 1-2 flow) and the second half is passive and restorative.