Hot Gentle Hatha | G

This class is taught by:

Donna Powell

Donna began her yoga journey with Susan McClelland and Nesta Falladown in 2002. She enrolled in The Yoga Centre of Burlington’s intensive 2 year Teacher Training program and it was there that she met Katie McClelland who became a personal friend, soul sister and guru who inspired Donna to experience the joys and rewards of teaching Ashtanga Yoga.
Donna has taken teacher training with Francois Raoult and David Swenson and continues to attend classes offered by a variety of accomplished practitioners such as Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste and Doug Swenson. Donna currently teaches a Gentle Hatha class in a calm, nurturing, supportive environment designed to give students a strong base from which to expand their practice and personal connection to their true nature and spirituality.
Donna's favourite yoga pose is Vasisthsana (Side Plank) because of the wonderful feeling of being lifted from below, the way the heart opens as you reach for the sky. The pose is a beautiful balance of being grounded and strong while soaring and reaching to the heavens with an open heart!

David Wagg

David began dabbling in yoga asana in 1972 to sustain his pursuits of running, swimming and climbing. He got serious about studying asana in 1997 with Maureen Ona Corcoran and in 2005 began studying Ashtanga with Byron Salorme and in 2007 with Katie McClelland. In the spring of 2009 he completed training in the Iyengar style with Nesta Falladown.
David started studying meditation in 1989 at the Korean Zen Centre in Toronto where he took his precepts in 1991. In 1994 studied for a short time at Kopan Monastery in Nepal; returning there in 1999 to teach English for a summer. David is now concentrating on Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka. It is the pursuit of Yoga asana that has brought David full-circle and he will renew his Buddhist precepts in May 2013 at the Zen Temple in Toronto.
His favourite pose is Sukhasana, for meditation. He continues to hold his past teachers in high esteem: Maureen Ona Corcoran, Byron Salorme, Nesta Falladown, Katie McClelland, Samu Sunam (Zen Temple), and, Lama Lhundrup (deceased), former abbot of Kopan Monastery. He has great regard for his recent and present teachers: Karen Cove, Steve Ferrell, Andre Grandbois, Nancy Cochren, Anwar Qureshi and Kendell MacLeod.
Long held stretches provide the perfect practice for those with limited mobility, chronic pain conditions, or for those who simply want a relaxing practice.
This class is for all levels