Gentle Hatha & Meditation

This class is taught by:

Molly Kubes

As a Reiki Master and 200 hr Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Molly has followed the Yogini's path since a young age. She emanates a true purity of being, and has the rare gift of helping others connect to their power through Mother Earth. Once a provincial level gymnast, Molly first fell in love with the asana and acrobatic side of Yoga. However, as her practice progressed, so did her love for the spiritual side of Yoga. She began to recognize many of the therapeutic benefits Yoga has for the mind as well as the Spirit. Molly has studied from many different teachers and traditions, including Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha, and even Shamanism and various forms of energy healing. With love and great respect, she guides her students to be fully connected with their inner radiance and purpose.

Samantha Clarke

Samantha began her journey humbly from her own home in 2002 and has since completed her 200 YTT in the fall of 2012 with Katie McClelland and Andre Grandbois of De La Sol Yoga Studios.

Her love of nature, health and spirituality keep her classes inspirational and loving. Her approach to teaching emphasizes the transformative nature of the practice. Samantha herself, credits her yoga practice and time in teacher training as transformational and has helped her to discover a greater joy and enthusiasm for all aspects of her life both on and off the mat.
Samantha’s passion for the practice continues to grow with the study of yoga philosophy, something she hopes to develop further as her journey progresses. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys reading, cooking for friends and family and spending time with the many canines in her life!
Samantha’s favorite pose is Chaturanga Dandasana (Plank Pose) because she can feel the strength of her entire body at work and the beautiful balance between earth and air.

Anthony Berlingeri

Anthony relates yoga to being in a relationship; it takes commitment, vulnerability, playfulness, faith, forgiveness, & compassion. Anthony’s love affair with yoga began about 8 years ago & like most relationships do, it started on the surface. My hamstrings were super tight and I wanted to loosen up while toning my body. Little did I know yoga would remain with me throughout some of the hardest times of my life. Yoga became a mirror for me to see myself in. Most of us start to practice for the simple reason of strengthening the mind and body, but ultimately we begin to re-discover our own truth. We get out of our heads and into our Selves, which is the very nature of love. As a teacher I believe the essence of yoga is also the art of living. Its about being present for our Self, and the world that we live in, so that we can express and celebrate the divinity that we all share. Yoga isn’t a religion, nor does it have anything to do with becoming a better person. Its simply about letting go of the past, as well as our fears of the future, so that the gift of the present can be received! Anthony is recognized in the community for his commitment to bring yoga and meditation into schools through his Yoga Affects Youth initiative. His intention is bring the gift of yoga and meditation to children so that they can begin the path of their own discovery from an early age. For more information check out
Anthony's favourite yoga pose is Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand). It's not often he flips his world upside down, but when he does it gives him a completely different view and perspective. It also forces him to be present to avoid tumbling over.
Enjoy a gentle hatha class with an exploration of meditation.
Meditation is a powerful tool to help you go deeper into your Yoga practice on and off the mat. Meditation not only has multiple physical benefits, including decreased blood pressure, decreased tension pain, and improved immune health, but it also has many mental and spiritual benefits. Meditation decreases anxiety, creates an overall sense of well-being, as well as allows you to be more grounded and connected to Source. By learning to quiet the mind, we create a deeper awareness of our consciousness. This one hour class explores various techniques of Meditation and welcomes all levels. Pranayama, energy work, visualization and other techniques will be explored.