Sweat Relax Restore | Hot

This class is taught by:

Jacey Mazurek

Jacey graduated from De La Sol's Teacher Training in 2015 and started teaching yoga full time between different studios. She teaches everything from pranayama in a Sweat Relax Restore to challenging apex poses in a Vinyasa Level 1. Jacey reads her students before class so she can tailor the class to their needs. She teaches a mindful class with emphasis on cues and likes using open ended questions to encourage her students to delve deeper into their practice. Jacey likes to leave enough time near the end of her classes so her students have time to let go of their practice with a deep savasana. (She may even chant while playing singing bowls or give essential oil neck massages!)

Shanel Scott

Shanel discovered yoga through her first love, dance. While completing her BFA in dance at York University she took to her yoga mat to stretch, strengthen and release stress. Over the years of practice, Shanel found yoga did more than fulfill her love for movement, it also became a spiritual journey showing her a deeper connection to the body and soul.


Shanel enjoys teaching flow classes allowing the inspiration of dance and her love of movement guide her. As well, Shanel is a Reiki Master Teacher who loves to bring her passion for the healing arts together with asana in a Reiki Flow.


Her favourite posture right now is savasana. Here the rest of the world melts away as the mind and body surrender to the yoga mat. Taking those last few moments of class to go within, give thanks for the practice and find a deep sense of peace.

Allison Stark

Having been first introduced to yoga by my mother as a young child, I was always intrigued by it and dabbled here and there over the years but didn’t take the steps towards a dedicated practice until much later in life. In 2014 I joined De La Sol having spent the previous year recovering from a stroke. There, I found my practice, I found proper alignment, I found my breath, and I found myself, all amongst a beautiful community of people – students and teachers alike. Having recently completed the amazing experience of De La Sol YTT this year, I am developing my teaching style to support the unique story of each student from the beginner to multi-decade practiced yogi. I believe it is incredibly important to develop an eye that moves students into shapes that work best for their physicality and moves them away from trying to mimic the people next to them or what they’ve seen in photos. Off the mat, my passion for teaching chair yoga to seniors has confirmed “Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down” ~ Jigar Gor

Martha Shea

Martha has been practicing and teaching yoga since 2000 and received her first 300 hour yoga certification with The American Yoga Academy that same year. In 2001 Martha received her yoga certification from The Yoga and Healing Center in New Jersey with Wendy Grosse, who specializesin Soul Sweat Yoga. In 2003, Martha was certified in Prenatal Yoga with Janice Clarfield at Kripalu Yoga, and in 2008, her Yoga Ed Certification in Ontario.
Martha has been inspired by David Life and Sharon Gannon and has attended several intensive training and summer camps with them. This year, Martha completed her Baron Baptiste Level 2, and is currently working on her certification with him.
Martha’s mat is a vehicle for creativity and freedom in her life. She counts her blessings on her mat. It is a place of pure space where she connects to her center, her strength and her authenticity. Yoga has brought Martha through some very challenging times in her life. She believes in many ways that it has saved her. It reminds her constantly that she is always stronger than she thinks she is, and it reminds her to be present in her moment, her life, one breath at a time.
Martha’s favourite poses are arm balances. Arm balances combine freedom and strength. You need to draw on your core, your truth before you can find the courage to fly. They remind you that anything is possible – all you have to do is break the branch, trust and fly into endless possibilities !!!

Samantha Clarke

Samantha began her journey humbly from her own home in 2002 and has since completed her 200 YTT in the fall of 2012 with Katie McClelland and Andre Grandbois of De La Sol Yoga Studios.

Her love of nature, health and spirituality keep her classes inspirational and loving. Her approach to teaching emphasizes the transformative nature of the practice. Samantha herself, credits her yoga practice and time in teacher training as transformational and has helped her to discover a greater joy and enthusiasm for all aspects of her life both on and off the mat.
Samantha’s passion for the practice continues to grow with the study of yoga philosophy, something she hopes to develop further as her journey progresses. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys reading, cooking for friends and family and spending time with the many canines in her life!
Samantha’s favorite pose is Chaturanga Dandasana (Plank Pose) because she can feel the strength of her entire body at work and the beautiful balance between earth and air.

Anita Kaiser

Anita has been practicing yoga on and off since she was a child. There have been many teachers along the way, but joining Katie's Ashtanga level 2 class over eight years ago really sealed her commitment to continue on this path. Since then the practice has become integral to her health and wellness.

In 2006, Anita trained in Portland to become an Itsy Bitsy Yoga teacher and then trained further with Yoga4Kids in Toronto. She has been teaching babies, toddlers and children since then. In 2011, Anita decided it was time to pursue her adult teacher training. She studied in Windsor, ON with Renee Janisse and obtained her 200 hour RYT certificate. She has been teaching adults since then and is thrilled to be able to offer a safe space for gentle exploration of your body through Asana. Anita is excited to share her love of the healing that yoga can bring to you.

Anita’s favorite pose is currently Utthita Parsvakonasana (extended side angle pose). The flow of energy reminds her to live life to the fullest.

Enjoy this candle-lit class created to relieve stress and tension. The heat stimulates deep muscle release and detoxification of the body and the relaxed atmosphere helps to quiet the mind. This class is open to all levels, including absolute beginners and a great introduction to the Infrared Hot room.

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