Sweat Relax Restore

This class is taught by:

Charlene Rennick

Charlene’s first contact with a yoga mat was in 2004, when she tried yoga as a way to balance out injuries in various stages of healing. What began as a physical therapy practice, soon started to permeate through her mind and spiritual body. “The practice of yoga is like cleaning a deep layer of dust from your soul and not knowing what you might find when the image becomes clear. It takes a big heart, a lot of work, and the willingness to accept what you see.”

Today, Charlene is a Yoga Alliance Registered 500 hour teacher with additional certifications in Restorative Yoga, Ayurveda and Thai Massage. She is a talented Astrologer and a Leader in Women’s Spiritual Earth Wisdom ways. She wishes to thank her teachers, Katie McClelland for starting her on her yoga journey and Saul David Raye for guiding her through her advanced training, showing her the way to her big Bhakti heart and igniting her love of Kirtan.

Charlene runs her own business out of her home, Sunninghill Yoga and Thai Massage, where you can purchase home-made beeswax candles, ayurvedic lotions or book yourself in for a Thai Massage, a Reiki treatment, an Ayurvedic consultation or an in-depth Astrology and natal chart reading.

In Charlene’s class, she will gently guide you through an exploration of yourself using the lens of Tantra (philosophy), asana (poses), pranayam (breathwork), mantra (uncomplicated intentions), and meditation.

Her favourite pose is Ardha Chandrasana (Half-Moon) pose because it feels like a metaphor for life. “Sometimes it is easy to stand on one leg and look up without fear, and other times it is difficult to find balance. It is on these days when I know I need yoga the most to clear my thoughts, breathe, stop struggling and allow myself to wobble a bit.”

Allison Lyttle

“Freestyle” is how Allison enjoys describing her creative approach to flow classes. Allison encourages student's to honour themselves, whether it be an energetic flow or restorative series. Her light hearted attitude is reverberated throughout her practice, making each class a delight and an experience of connecting with one’s inner child. 

Allison has been practicing yoga since 2010. She was initially drawn to yoga based on recommendations from both her family doctor and physiotherapist to aid in the healing process from a motor vehicle accident in 2007. In February 2012 she graduated from the 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at De La Sol Yoga Studios. During the spring and summer of 2012, she completed 40 hours of Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Andrea Piluso and in March of 2013, 20 hours of Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training with Erin Aquin.  
Allison also draws inspiration from her BSc. Honours Marine & Freshwater Biology achieved in 2006. Her adventures in wildlife conservation and habitat restoration have guided Allison to become a nurturing yoga instructor. Her greatest inspiration is her grandmother, Barbara Lyttle. She hopes to bring mobility and support to those in need.
Allison's favourite pose is Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose) because of it's light hearted attitude!

Kendell MacLeod

Kendell is a Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist running a practice in the Hamilton GTA. Kendell is a past graduate of the De La Sol 200hr Teacher Training and has completed her 1000hr Yoga Therapy certification with Susi Hately of Functional Synergy in Calgary Alberta for Yoga Therapy. With an eye for movement and compensation, Kendell has built a reputation for guiding her yoga students and yoga therapy clients to pain free, strong bodies.

Kendell is also the photographer behind the teacher photos at De La Sol. She loves to photograph movement and moments. For more information about Yoga Therapy or photography, please visit www.meandher.co.

*Samantha Clarke

Samantha began her journey humbly from her own home in 2002 and has since completed her 200 YTT in the fall of 2012 with Katie McClelland and Andre Grandbois of De La Sol Yoga Studios.
Her love of nature, health and spirituality keep her classes inspirational and loving. Her approach to teaching emphasizes the transformative nature of the practice. Samantha herself, credits her yoga practice and time in teacher training as transformational and has helped her to discover a greater joy and enthusiasm for all aspects of her life both on and off the mat.

Samantha’s passion for the practice continues to grow with the study of yoga philosophy, something she hopes to develop further as her journey progresses. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys reading, cooking for friends and family and spending time with the many canines in her life!

Samantha’s favorite pose is Chaturanga Dandasana (Plank Pose) because she can feel the strength of her entire body at work and the beautiful balance between earth and air.

Kelly Fife

As a competitive gymnast, Kelly was trained from a very young age to ignore how her body was feeling and to push through pain. This mindset stayed with her for years, but ironically only lead to tight muscles and stiff, achy joints. Although Kelly was initially drawn to yoga to increase pain free range of motion, she has since learned how to move and breathe with awareness, as well as experienced the physical and psychological benefits of leading a mindful life.
A recent graduate from De La Sol's 2011-2012 Yoga Teacher Training Program, Kelly's classes are inspired by the benefits of maintaining proper alignment while moving in and out of postures, as well as by the enjoyment she has found in moving with breath while flowing from one posture to the next.

As a student in her class, Kelly hopes you will find space to move with your own breath, explore your own practice, and eventually experience how a mindful practice on the mat can lead to greater overall well-being once you are off.

Kelly's favourite yoga pose is Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand). Even if just for a split second, there is a feeling of weightlessness she can find there that she never experienced standing on two feet!

Tamara Cormier

Tamara has had a passion for movement for as long as she can remember! After completing her degree in Kinesiology Tamara flirted with yoga but wasn’t hooked until she found De La Sol in 2010. The sense of calm and freedom she gets from moving through a flow class linking movement with breath had Tamara wanting more. In 2014 she took the plunge to deepen her practice and completed De La Sol’s 200 hr Teacher Training and Yoga Rocks Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Tamara’s classes are informed by her experience as a kinesiologist and inspired by her love of dance and movement. Her goal is to have students leave her classes feeling better than they did when they arrived.

Michelle Hudecki

After years of competitive gymnastics, Michelle found yoga in 2006 in an effort to heal and connect to her body and spirit. After an ankle injury she could no longer compete and found yoga was able to fill what she felt had been missing. Over the years, the practice gradually infused into every aspect of her life. Michelle completed her first 200 hour training program at De La Sol Yoga Studio and is still continuing her education further. Some of Michelle's teachers and biggest influences include, Doug Swenson, Kino McGregor, Meghan Currie and of course, Katie McClelland. Michelle is passionate about teaching and making yoga accessible to the community. Michelle’s motto is a body in motion stays in motion.

Whether she is teaching or taking a class at the studio she always feels surrounded by so many awesome people which makes it hard not to love De La Sol and the Sol Yoga family! Meeting such beautiful individuals who continue to inspire her is just one of the many reasons why she wanted to join the De La Sol and the Sol Yoga family.

Michelle leads a vegetarian lifestyle and loves spending time with family and friends. Michelle's favourite pose is Urdhva Dhanurasana because it is an uplifting posture. It stimulates the nervous system and opens the heart, and can leave you glowing with energy and vitality for the rest of the day. Also, in this pose Michelle, with her heart shining to the sky, likes to send an intention or a message of love to someone who she feels needs it.

"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teachings of my soul". – Rumi

Enjoy this candle-lit class created to relieve stress and tension. The heat stimulates deep muscle release and detoxification of the body and the relaxed atmosphere helps to quiet the mind. This class is open to all levels, including absolute beginners and a great introduction to the Infrared Hot room.