Yoga Fundamentals

This class is taught by:

Steve Ferrell

Steve found his pathway to Yoga as a bodybuilder and personal trainer who was always feeling tight, sore and looking for “more” out of his physical workouts. Steve tried his first class with Hamilton’s Alex Bovkis and immediatley fell in love. Within 3 months Steve was enrolled in his first 200hr Teacher Training with Heather Greaves. Steve was certified through Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT), a style founded by renowned Yoga therapist, Joseph LePage. Steve found his way to De La Sol where he immediately fell in love with the fluidity, strength and meditative qualities of the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice. Steve is always learning, and combined with his interests in Human Anatomy, Ayruveda and Buddhist Meditation, he continues to deepen his practice. He offers a challenging, invigorating but very quirky and light hearted class, blending the physical with an emphasis on the mental and spiritual facets of the practice.

Andre Grandbois

Andre has been passionately involved in the world of yoga since 2007, when he took his first class with Katie McClelland at De La Sol Yoga Studios. He completed his yoga teacher training in 2008 and has since continued his education learning from some of the most respected rehabilitation and physical therapy experts on the planet including Gray Cook, Craig Liebenson and Stuart McGill.
Andre has found his passion in teaching absolute beginners and the ‘in-flexible’ as well as co-directing the De La Sol Yoga Teacher Training Program. His strength as a teacher comes from his ability to put students at ease, encouraging pain free range of motion, exploration of breath and self-reflection. In addition to yoga, Andre is a competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete and instructor, and recently competed at the 2012 World Championships in California.
Andre's favourite yoga pose is Savasana (Corpse Pose) because it is deeply meditative and restorative.

Calyn Pettit

Calyn began her yoga journey in 2008  while completing her bachelor degree at Wilfrid Laurier University. Having approached yoga as a means to relieve stress, Calyn was delighted to discover that the practice offered her much more. She attended her first class at De La Sol Yoga Studios in Hamilton, and has since embraced yoga as an invaluable tool for self-development and discovery.

Calyn has completed 300 hours of study under studio owners Katie McClelland and Andre Grandbois in the 200 hour YTT at De La Sol.

As a new teacher, Calyn is humbled by the opportunity to encourage new students through their own journey of self-exploration, introducing the yoga mat as a safe space to rediscover love of self and to recognize the incredible power we possess to create positive change in our lives and the lives of others.

Calyn's favourite pose is Salamba Sirsasana (headstand). Although it's a challenging posture that demands sharp focus and a strong, steady breath, its intense qualities are contrasted by the sense of child-like playfulness it evokes. What a great opportunity it offers: to practice smiling even in the moments when our world is turned upside down.

Tamara Cormier

Tamara has had a passion for movement for as long as she can remember! After completing her degree in Kinesiology Tamara flirted with yoga but wasn’t hooked until she found De La Sol in 2010. The sense of calm and freedom she gets from moving through a flow class linking movement with breath had Tamara wanting more. In 2014 she took the plunge to deepen her practice and completed De La Sol’s 200 hr Teacher Training and Yoga Rocks Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Tamara’s classes are informed by her experience as a kinesiologist and inspired by her love of dance and movement. Her goal is to have students leave her classes feeling better than they did when they arrived.
Perfect for those new to yoga or intimidated by a flow style of practice. This class is mildly athletic in nature and perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basics of yoga practice and/or how to move and breathe in a truly functional, healthy manner.